Massaro Studio with its thirty years of experience, was born from the love of a father who passed down the real value of photography to his son. Today, thanks to my father, my teacher, I am proud to carry on a mission which has became oxygen for my life. I’m telling experiences of love all over the world together with a young team, ready to document in an original way every love story.

Our home is Apulia, we came from Rudolph Valentino’s home town. Here, in Castellaneta, all¬†marriages take shape in our studio where we create with a strong artistic inspiration each masterpiece ¬†which is kept in a gift pack. This is what you have always dreamed of.

Our desire is being remembered by creating a container of memories made of natural and spontaneous images…

It’s a great gratification for us to be here during that day: you putting in our hands so reminds us this is “the best job in the world”.

Browse through our works and let yourself get carried away by sensations in our world.